Zenfolio | Stuart Milton | Ben Macdui - Aug 2004
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Jen and I went for a walk!! We walked in up Glen Derry, camped out at Luibeg, up and over Carn a Mhaim to Ben Macdui and down to Loch Etchachan for the night. The next day we climbed Beinn Mheadhoin (So windy!!), dropped down to Loch Avon for a paddle and then back up to Loch Etchachan. A great little trip!!
After 'THE WORST CAMP EVER', we climbed up Carn a' Mhaim. Time for a rest before the summit though.'The Monarch Of The Glen'The best nights camp ever!!! On the Carn a' Mhaim ridge.After summiting Ben Macdui, we headed down and came across some friendly reindeer.So we had to get a picture of their bums!Jen on the summit of Bheinn Mheadhoin.  It was getting windy again.Oh boy oh boy, it was very windy now!So we decided to drop down to Loch Avon, obviosuly choosing the steepest way possible!!Phew, we're at the lochside. It looks like its gonna rain though!?!Nope, its sunny as you like, and the lovely mermaid comes out to say hello.Oh oh!  Its time to climb back to Loch Etchachan, but at least the views are good!!The view down towards the Fords of AvonThe view back to Glen Avon from the campsiteThe view into the CoireRight time for a cuppa!!!