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Remember this photo, its about the only one when Brian isn't last! ;o)Paul tries to use his hand as an axe.Brians just about caught up!The rest of us start our lunch stop as Brian bravely battles on!!We carry on after our lunch stop.Meanwhile, Brian is working hard at keeping his lead. Just look at those moobs!But the Thompson twins are gaining on him!The boys have a game of 'Where's Brian?'Here he is!!! Yippee, pals back together again!! Brian does look a tad knackered though!To keep spirits up, Craig does an impression of a russian soldier.Oh Yikes!!I wish I could fly, right up to the sky, but I can't!!  You can!!!Brian looks much happier, now that the shades have come off!Is it a Grouse? Is it a Ptarmigan? No - Its a muppet!!I'm sure I made this down-climb look tricky!!Lovely view over Loch MorlichMmm, pint at the top.  Yum!  Time to crash a party!!!