Zenfolio | Stuart Milton | Glen Callater - Oct 2004
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What a lovely day this started out as. A cycle down Glen Callater, walk up Jocks Road and climb the handy Munros, before walking back to the bikes and cycling back to the car. Little did I know we'd finish in the moonlight, with wet feet. Oh and that Craig had a flask of hot coffee!!
Self Portrait in Glen CallaterLooking towards Loch Callater LodgeJust get the bikes into a landscape somehowCraig on a track? at Loch CallaterIt really was a lovely sunny dayDon't you love boulders in the foreground!Another boulder!!Lovely lovely bikesJust beneath the summit of the TolmountSummit shot on the TolmountReaching Tom BhuidheIs he laughing at me or Tom Bhuidh?