Zenfolio | Stuart Milton | Ben Alder - Oct 2006
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I don't know whats more worrying, Craigs haircut or Lancet Edge in the background!Oh my god, it looks worse from here! Thankfully we did it yesterday in the mist and rain!Yep, we're doing the big bugger on the left, Ben Alder!We're going up those 3 bumps on the left.He gets way too excited!!Nice view back to the bothy and Loch Pattock.Craig ponders whether he should have had that bacon for breakfast.Hmm, looks a little steep!?Hey, you can see Loch Ericht now!Craig waits for the ever slowing photographer.For once I get ahead of him. Why is he running?Hands on rock, superb!Is his hands on his hips?!?Wow, did we really come up that?Just a random cairn.  I though it was the top!It really was a lovely day!Ben Alder summit.We will catch you up!!!How long can he take to take a picture!!Wow!